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Good Care vs Urban Myths

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that many animals are improperly cared for...

…not because their owners are “bad people,” but simply because the information they were given by pet store employees, or found online, was outdated or just plain wrong.

Animal husbandry (the care and breeding of captive animals) is a learning process. We know more about animal care today than we did twenty or forty years ago. Unfortunately many of the “expert” pet reference books have not gone back and corrected their information...so it’s always best to contact a reputable breeder rather than blindly accept every fact in an online article or book as “gospel.”

In compiling these care sheets, we have contacted reputable breeders worldwide. While “urban myth” may not agree with the data listed, we have made every effort to verify that it is accurate.

Exotic Pet Care Sheets


Boa Constrictors

Burmese Pythons

Corn / Rat Snakes

King / Milk Snakes

Hinge-Back Tortoises

Spur-Thigh Tortoises

Spur-Thigh Tortoises Hinge-Back Tortoises Corn / Rat Snakes King / Milk Snakes Burmese Pythons Boa Constrictors

Softshell Turtles

Snapping Turtles

Snappers Softshells

Cooters, Sliders, Maps, etc.


Ball Pythons

Ball Pythons

Frogs & Toads

Pac-Man Frogs

Tomato Frogs

White’s Tree Frogs

White's Tree Frogs Tomato Frogs Pac-Man Frogs

Chinese Fire-Belly Toads

Chinese Fire-Belly Toads


Chinese Tree Dragons

Chinese Water Dragons

Collared Lizards

Green Anoles


Mali Uromastyx

Mali Uromastyx Iguanas Collared Lizards Green Anoles Chinese Water Dragons Chinese Tree Dragons

Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons

Reptiles (cont.)

Rainbow Lizards

Savannah Monitors

Tegu Lizards

Tokay Geckos

Veiled Chameleons

Veiled Chameleons Tegu Lizards Tokay Geckos Savannah Monitors Rainbow Lizards

Mountain Horned Dragons

Mountain Horned Dragons




Tarantulas Scorpions

Scorpions & Tarantulas

Freshwater Turtles

Redfoot Tortoises

Redfoot Tortoises

Red Efts (Baby Newts)

Fiddler (Halloween) Crabs

Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs Fiddler Crabs Newts

Newts & Crabs