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Commonly Asked Questions About Frogs & Toads

Q: How is a frog different from a toad?

A: Frogs and toads both belong to the amphibian order Anura, but they have adapted to different environments. Frogs live mostly in the water, and their skins are smooth and moist. Their legs are long and powerful, allowing them to jump long distances. Toads live primarily on land, and prefer a drier environment, so their skin is dry and bumpy. Their legs are shorter, better suited to hopping or walking. Their eyes do not bulge out, and they have small poison glands behind their eyes.

Q: How long to frogs and toads live?

A: Both species generally live between 7-14 years, although some species can live as long as 40 years.

Q: Are frogs and toads poisonous?

A: Frogs are not poisonous. Toads have small parotid glands behind their eyes. The parotid glands are filled with a poison that deters predators, but which is harmless to humans unless ingested.

Q: Can touching a frog or toad really cause warts?

A: Absolutely not. Toads have “warts” on their skin, but they cannot transfer those warts to any other animal, including humans.

Pac-Man Frogs

Tomato Frogs

Tomato Frogs Pac-Man Frogs

Chinese Fire-Belly Toads

Chinese Fire-Belly Toads

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